J. Halle's: A World Of Darkness

Vampire The Masquerade
J. Halle's World of Darkness

The Camarilla-Sabbat War

1994: First rumblings of issues around Washington DC provoke a series of terrorist attacks which begin to undermine the power of the Prince in the Capital. The ‘Terrorist’ attacks turn out to be a series of masquerade breaching attacks by the Sabbat. Launched from Baltimore the Sabbat send some of their most dangerous war-packs to take hostages and disrupt the inner workings of the Camarilla stronghold by drawing mortal attention to their designs. The culmination of this is a nuclear threat by the Sabbat to wipe out DC during a meeting of several of America’s most prominent Princes. Through days of tense in-fighting and negotiation the Sabbat in Baltimore are driven out of DC and five days of vicious riots begin in Baltimore. The city burns for two weeks before the US military moves in and restores order. The US media paints the blame onto terrorists. Rumors remain that a gang of bikers swept through the city causing havok. The Sabbat Stronghold of Baltimore is no-more.The Prince of DC is charged with negligence by a council of justicars but resists their attempts to remove him. The Prince of DC remains in power and under permanent observation until a suitable replacement can be found.

1995: Following the ‘Terrorist’ attacks on DC a full-scale attack by the disposessed Sabbat of Baltimore joined forces with Sabbat from Canada to fight a bloody war in the streets of New York. Manhattan was lost on the fifth day. Once again the media spun this as a terrorist attack as the Twin Towers fell during the fighting. New York was lost and many Camarilla vampires fled the city. Some anarchs remained to re-claim the city. The city has passed between Sabbat, Camarilla and Anarch hands several with no faction able to claim real dominance.

1996: After a year of quiet, prophetic dreams regarding Chicago began afflicting every Kindred in the US. The dreams showed the city of Chicago burning down in flames. Justicars were mobilised as a spate of vicious attacks similar to those in DC and New York were begun. However, the Prince of Chicago refused to co-operate with the justicars and began a plan to burn down the city for a ‘second’ time if they were to interfere. The Prince and a notable coterie were able to repel and end the Sabbat threat in this city. Chicago’s Giovanni prince angered by the camarilla’s interference expels the justicars and declares Chicago and ‘Independent’ city. As all eyes were on the tense situation in Chicago a full scale Sabbat invasion from South America was co-ordinate with an attack on L.A. With the justicars and elders gaze turned towards the North the city of L.A. fell in one night. The strong cities of Houston, Dallas, and Austin remain in Camarilla control, however, the surrounding suburbs and countryside have fallen completly to Sabbat control. This leaves three cities isolated and one city lost. Elders from the Old World begin talks of increasing involvement to restore order. These talks are ongoing. The American Camarilla have utilised popular fear of Terrorism to justify an internal militarisation. There are now many policies which grant a hastened ability to mobilise and deploy troops internally to potential threats and emergency situations withihin the US: The Martial Law Response Bill.

1997: The Anomaly of New Orleans: Over four nights in 1997 the city of New Orleans went from party city to a genuine decimation. No-one within the Camarilla is certain what happened. On night one, Prince Marcel called for some support from justicars to investigate an anomaly within his city. One night later riots exploded through the city as a spate of mass crimes occured. By the third night the Martial Law Response Bill came into effect. A large percentage of the population who were attending a concert in the town of ‘Backswamp’ returned in heady spirits and confronted the military there. The resulting fight only lasted one night but the Military was overwhelmed and the city imploded in violence. Over one tenth of the civilian population was killed in the fighting and rioting. The next night complete order was restored with no-one within the city quite remembering why they were fighting. For New Orleans Kindred this brought up a further mystery… the Prince of New Orleans: Marcel Guibeaux is missing presumed dead. Several vampires on the Red-List were said to have been in the city at the time, however, none of these reports can be confirmed. New Orleans one of the oldest strongholds for the Camarilla in the New World has been well and truly lost. The remaining kindred fled, claiming a sudden influx of were-kind into the city. No kindred approaching the city has been able to re-enter New Orleans. The city is considered lost.


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